Fox Run Storage Sheds – 1 1/2 story (7:12 pitch) 2 Car Garage

Like its little brother, the Single Story, the Story and a Half can make either a great oversized workshop or two car garage. The Story and a Half is a step up from the Single Story, having a 7:12 pitch roof compared to a 3:12 pitch roof. This not only adds extra space for lofts to store all those bins you have, but it also makes it more attractive. The Story and a Half shed easily blends in with the roof pitch of many homes, making it look like it was always there.

The building comes with the same features the Single Story does, and comes with either two garage doors or two sets of double doors, and four 18”x27” windows. The Story and a Half comes with many of the same options as our sheds.

Our Raised Roof garages are delivered completely assembled and ready to use in a day or two. This garage comes pre-built, just like our other structures. All garages will easily hold a car, full-size pick-up truck or van. It is available with or without a wood floor.

See all our standard features, sizes, prices and options below.

We build a better garage. Aside form the high standards of workmanship and premium materials used, our garages are an excellent choice because they are constructed with pre-built, modular technology. The advantages to this are evident in the superior quality, quicker building time, fixed costs, and lower costs.

Superior Quality – 80-100% of your building’s construction is done in the controlled environment of our workshop. Pre-built structures are stronger and more rugged than stick-built. They have to withstand transportation and delivery.

Quicker Building Time – Our carpenters and materials are on hand and ready to go at all times, eliminating delays due to bad weather or poor contractor planning. Usually its only a matter of weeks- not months- from the time to order until your garage is delivered, fully assembled and ready to use.

Fixed Costs – No cost overruns halfway through the project or surprise hidden expenses. When you place your order, we’ll tell you exactly what the final figure will be in writing. You will know what you’ll be spending up front and you’ll be able to get more of your money. There is no need to hold money in reserve in case the contractor goes over budget. You can use that extra money for all the optional upgrades that we have to order!

Lower Cost – On average, our garages cost 40% less than stick built. Depending on your location, you may not have to pay sales tax.

1 1/2 Story Doublewide Garage:

Size Wood Vinyl Lap
20×20 $11,760 $14,680 $16,420
20×24 $13,510 $16,860 $18,865
20×28 $15,245 $19,035 $21,295
24×24 $14,700 $18,345 $20,540
24×28 $16,705 $20,855 $23,350
24×32 $18,720 $23,375 $26,170
24×36 $20,745 $25,895 $29,005
24×40 $22,740 $28,395 $31,785
24×42 $24,090 $30,085 $33,685
24×44 $25,580 $31,940 $35,765
24×46 $27,215 $33,995 $38,065
24×48 $29,015 $36,245 $40,585
24×50 $30,940 $38,650 $43,280
24×52 $32,880 $41,070 $45,980
24×54 $34,830 $43,510 $48,710
24×56 $36,835 $46,020 $51,535

4×4 Pressure Treated Foundations runnersStandard Features:

2×4 12″ OC Floorjoinst with 5/8″ Plywood Flooring OR PT 6×6 perimeter w/steel corner reinforcements
2×4 Wall Studs 16″ OC
8′ Walls
Painted Dura Temp Siding or Optional Cedar Creek Vinyl with 1/2″ Wood Sheeting
2-9×7 Solid Steel Garage Doors with Aluminum Sill on 20 wide garages (8×7 garage doors)
Fiberglass House Door with 11-Lite Glass
4- 24×36″ Windows w/shutters & screens
2×6 Rafters 24″ OC
7-Pitch Roof
2-4’x12′ Lofts in Rear
– 1/2″ Wood Sheating on Roof
– 15 lbs Tar Paper
– 30 Yr Architectural Shingles


Available Floorless with Pressure Treated 6×6 Perimeter
3/4 Tongue & Groove Plywood Flooring $ .95 sq. ft
Insulated Floor $1.25 sq. ft
Insulted Carriage Doors w/ working handle $390 per door
25% Board & Batten (Choice of Clear or Cedar Stain)
Insulted Windows $145 each
2 x 6 Walls $.70 sq. ft
Extra Windows w/shutters $140 each
Arched Top Garage Door Front $225 each
Transom Above Windows or Doors $70 each

Shed Colors:

barn red

Barn Red

Dark Brown

Dark Brown







hunter green

Hunter Green





light gray

Light Gray