fox run storage sheds – dormer Roof Upgrade

The Dormer Shed is an enhanced A-frame shed. Upgrading with the dormer package adds an attractive, distinguished facade. Our Dormer Sheds come with the same color and options that all of our buildings come with. The Dormer Shed Package adds an extra flair to the plain A-Frame style shed. A Dormer Shed would make the perfect playhouse, home office, man-cave/she-cave, or even a pool house.

The Dormer Shed is one of the most appealing buildings you can put in your back yard. There are 3 styles of dormers available:

Transom Dormer:

The Transom dormer includes two windows, a set of double doors, the Transom style dormer roof with two Transom windows in it, and a single fiberglass door.

Cape Cod Dormer:

The Cape Cod Dormer Roof comes standard with two windows, a fiberglass single door, a set of double doors, and the Cape Cod style dormer with an octagon window. The Cape Cod Dormer compliments many homes.

The Standard Dormer:

The Standard Dormer comes with many of the same options as the Cape Cod Dormer, including two windows, a set of double doors, a fiberglass single door, and the Standard style dormer roof with an octagon window.

We offer a variety of sizes, options and colors.

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