Fox Run Storage Sheds l.l.c. – Outdoor Structures

Imagine sitting poolside on a hot summer day, or roasting marshmallows around the fire pit. One of our Outdoor Structures can heighten your enjoyment poolside or around the fire pit. You can add to your backyard landscape in many ways, and one of the best possible options to do so is to add an outdoor structure to your property. One of our Outdoor Structures can only preserve and enhance your backyard. Not only will it improve the looks of your property, but it will also add function to your landscape. An Outdoor Structure provides the perfect place for a neighborhood get together, the family barbecue, or even just a relaxing weekend staycation. Adding one of our Outdoor Structures to your property will be like adding your own personal oasis. When searching for your Outdoor Structure, there are some things you should consider:

Placement of your new Outdoor Structure

You want to make sure your new Outdoor Structure is going to compliment your landscape, and serve its function to its best abilities. Think about where you should place this new addition before choosing a style, size, or finish, as location may be able to choose that for you.

What type of Structure best suites you?

There are three types of Outdoor Structures: Pergolas, Gazebos, and Pavilions, all of which have many styles within themselves to choose from.

What finish would you prefer?

All of our Outdoor Structures come in either a natural, earthy wood finish, or a contemporary, modern vinyl finish.

Wood Finished Structures: comes in a variety of different stains and wood types
– Naturally Appealing
– Warm, Elegant Good Lucks
– Treated to Withstand the Elements
– More Traditional Look

Vinyl Finished Structures: comes in either white, clay, or tan
– Durable
– No warping, cracking, or splitting
– Maintenance Free
– Fresh, Clean Look

How big should you go?

Think about what you plan on doing with this structure. Barbecues, pool parties, weekend relaxation? We have a plethora of sizes to choose from.